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Elgin, Illinois, boasts a workforce that's not just skilled – it's your competitive advantage. Our diverse and talented labor pool is the backbone of your business success. With access to a highly educated, motivated, and adaptable workforce, your company can thrive in a dynamic, innovative, and growth-oriented environment. Elgin's strategic location within the Chicago Metropolitan area means you can tap into a vast talent pool while benefiting from the lower cost of living, making your business more cost-effective and productive. Whether you're a startup seeking fresh talent or an established company looking for experienced professionals, Elgin's workforce is the catalyst for your business growth. Make the smart choice for your company – choose Elgin, where your business meets a workforce ready to drive it to new heights.

The Workpool Edge of the Chicago Metropolitan Area

The Chicago metropolitan area, also referred to as Chicagoland, is the metropolitan area containing the City of Chicago, which includes its surrounding suburbs and satellite cities. Encompassing 10,286 square miles (28,120 km2), the metropolitan area includes the city of Chicago and its suburbs which spans 14 counties across northeast Illinois, northwest Indiana, and southeast Wisconsin. The MSA had a 2020 census population of 9,618,502 and the combined statistical area which spans up to 19 counties had a population of nearly 10 million people.

The Chicago area is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in North America, the third-largest metropolitan area in the United States, the largest within the entire Midwest, and the largest in the Great Lakes megalopolis. Its urban area is one of the forty largest in the world.

Workforce Chicago Metro Area Map

Elgin Workforce: Unveiling the Facts

Total Workforce Size: Elgin boasts a workforce of approximately 56,000 individuals, providing a substantial talent pool for businesses.

Education Attainment: Over 30% of Elgin's residents have a bachelor's degree or higher, showcasing a highly educated workforce.

Diverse Workforce: The city's population is culturally diverse, offering businesses access to a broad range of perspectives and skills.

Top Employers: Top employers in Elgin include healthcare institutions, manufacturing companies, and retail giants, contributing to a diverse job market.

Average Commute Time: The average commute time for Elgin residents is around 30 minutes, making it a convenient location for both employees and businesses.

Job Growth: Elgin experienced steady job growth in various sectors, with a strong focus on healthcare, manufacturing, professional services and education.

Economic Stability: Elgin's historical unemployment rate has consistently reflected a resilient job market with rates typically hovering around the national average, showcasing its economic stability.

Unlock the Secret to Successful Business in Elgin

Check out the video featuring Jeni Lyon, CEO of Hampton, Lenzini & Rewick, Inc., to uncover how this lively city nurtures business growth and teamwork, directly from one of its most knowledgeable advocates!

Meet Our Workforce Partners

Elgin, Illinois boasts a highly educated and diverse work pool, with an impressive 93.3% of the population holding a high school diploma or higher, significantly exceeding the national average of 87.9%.

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Empowering Elgin: The Vital Role of EDG

EDG plays a crucial role in supporting and enhancing the workforce in Elgin. Here's how EDG helps with development:

Skill Development and Training: EDG collaborates with local educational institutions and training centers to provide skill development programs. This helps individuals acquire the skills and knowledge needed to meet the demands of local employers.

Workforce Planning: EDG collaborates to analyze trends and future demands in the region, helping local businesses anticipate and prepare for changing needs. This includes identifying skill gaps and planning educational initiatives to fill those gaps.

Support for Entrepreneurs: EDG provides resources and support for entrepreneurs and startups, fostering an environment of innovation and job creation.

Collaboration and Networking: The Economic Development Workforce and Human Resource Groups facilitate networking and collaboration among local businesses, educational institutions, development agencies, and government entities. This fosters a stronger sense of community and helps match the skills with the needs of businesses.

Research and Data Analysis: EDG provides research on local labor market trends and demographics. This data-driven approach helps businesses make informed decisions about workforce planning and development.

EDG is instrumental in supporting and enhancing the local workforce by offering a range of services while also fostering collaboration and economic growth in their respective regions.

Live where you work and savor the convenience of short commutes, allowing you to spend more moments with loved ones or pursue your passions. Elgin boasts a diverse array of housing options, from cozy neighborhoods to modern downtown lofts, catering to every lifestyle.


Contact EDG today and learn how to leverage the power of Elgin's talented and dedicated workforce.

The Elgin Development Group (EDG) offers a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses connect with skilled workers, including development programs, access to a local job board, and talent recruitment assistance.

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