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Where Connectivity Fuels Success


Nestled strategically near major highways I-90 and Routes 20, 25, and 31, Elgin boasts a transportation infrastructure that's a catalyst for growth. With seamless access to national and regional networks, businesses here enjoy unparalleled logistics advantages. What's more, our proximity to O'Hare International Airport opens doors to global markets. Whether you're shipping goods or ensuring smooth employee commutes, Elgin's robust transportation network powers your aspirations for seamless connectivity and unparalleled accessibility.

"Elgin, Illinois provides access to one of the most comprehensive and multimodal transportation systems in the nation."

Here are transportation facts sure to impress:

Elgin Illinois Central Location on Map

Interstate Access, with 3 interchanges

Elgin's location on I-90, a major interstate highway running from Boston to Seattle, makes it a crucial transportation hub.

Additionally, the I-90 interchange provides Elgin with easy access to major markets like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit, further enhancing its economic potential.

Global Connections Take Flight

Chicago O'Hare International Airport, located just 26 miles from Elgin, offers direct flights to over 200 destinations in 50 countries.

Direct access to global markets: Businesses in Elgin can easily connect with customers and partners around the world, facilitating international trade and expanding their reach.
Talent acquisition: Elgin attracts skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, offering businesses a wider pool of talent to choose from.
Cultural exchange: The international connections foster a vibrant and diverse community in Elgin, enriching the city's cultural landscape.

Flags at Ohare International Airport
Pace Bus and Metra Train

Elgin is Home to the second-largest public transportation system

Metra Rail Service

3 Metra train stations offer easy access to downtown Chicago and surrounding suburbs

Pace Bus Services

12 PACE buses provide efficient and affordable connections from Elgin to over 220 communities in the six-country Chicago area.

This multi-layered transportation system makes Elgin an attractive location for businesses and residents alike, offering unparalleled accessibility and connectivity.

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Elgin Business

Check out the video featuring Dr. David Sam, President of Elgin Community College, uncovering how this lively city nurtures business growth and teamwork, directly from one of its most knowledgeable advocates!

Commercial Rail Service

Union Pacific Railroad (UP)

UP has tracks passing through Elgin, connecting various parts of the Midwest and beyond. UP handles a wide array of freight, including commodities, industrial goods, and consumer products.

Canadian National Railway (CN)

CN also operates rail lines passing through the region, contributing to the transportation of goods across North America. CN's network facilitates the movement of various commodities.

Union Pacific Railroad
Illinois International Port District


There are 1,095 miles of navigable waterways that either border or pass through the State of Illinois. These waterways provide the state with connections to both the Atlantic Ocean (St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes) and the Gulf of Mexico (Mississippi). The port of Chicago offers terminals that handle ocean and lake vessels as well as barges. Owned by the Illinois International Port District, the Lake Michigan port is served by 12 railroads and has direct access to Interstates 90 and 94

The robust transportation infrastructure positions Elgin as an attractive destination for businesses seeking convenient logistics and accessibility. The city's connectivity to major highways, rail services, and an international airport provides a competitive advantage, attracting businesses looking for strategic locations.

The Fox River Trail, a 44-mile long scenic trail, runs directly through Elgin, offering breathtaking riverfront views.

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