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  • Retail Market

  • The Economic Development Group conducted a retail study to assist retailers interested in expanding in Elgin. The Market Analysis addresses three key components:

    1. Identifies the current commercial areas,
    2. Examines the potential for future commercial development, and
    3. Provides recommendations and strategies. 

    The results from this study are a comprehensive perspective used to develop a competitive retail strategy for Elgin to position future developments effectively as well as identify targeted retail aimed to sustain and improve retail vitality in Elgin.




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  • The Elgin community is an affluent, family-oriented market with a country flavor. Residents are partial to new housing away from the bustle of the city by close enough to commute. Life in Elgin offsets the hectic pace of two working parents with growing children. We are well-connected consumers that appreciate technology and make liberal use of it for everything from shopping and banking to staying current and communicating. We are "Foodies" and like to cook with natural or organic products.



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