• We invite you to submit your nominations for the esteemed Elgin Image Awards, a prestigious recognition program designed to honor individuals, projects, and organizations that have made remarkable contributions to the Elgin community through their time, actions, talents, and unwavering dedication. The Elgin Image Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, October 18 from 4:30 to 6 pm at Gail Borden Public Library  270 N Grove.

    Nominations are due by Friday, September 22 at 5 p.m.  

    Please consider nominating individuals or groups who serve as shining examples of service, striving to make Elgin a better place for all. The award categories are as follows:

    1. Professional Rockstar: Nominate individuals who have significantly improved Elgin's image through their professional achievements, whether through lifelong dedication or emerging leadership.

    2. Volunteer Extraordinaire: Recognize exceptional individuals whose volunteer efforts have had a profound impact on Elgin's image, either through long-term contributions or as emerging leaders.

    3. Gamechanger Projects: Submit nominations for specific community projects that have positively influenced Elgin's image, showcasing innovation, creativity, and positive change.

    4. Creating a Difference Groups: Nominate outstanding organizations or businesses that have contributed significantly to enhancing Elgin's image through their dedicated efforts.

    5. Green Initiative/Sustainable Business of the Year: Acknowledge businesses or initiatives that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability, contributing to a greener and more sustainable Elgin.

    6. Excellence in DEI or Building Equity: Submit nominations for individuals, projects, or organizations that have shown outstanding dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in Elgin, fostering a more harmonious and inclusive community.

    7. Youth Service Project: Encourage nominations for inspiring youth-led service projects by individuals aged 21 and under, showcasing the potential of young minds in shaping a better future for Elgin.

  • Your participation and nominations are vital in making this event truly meaningful. We look forward to receiving your submissions and celebrating the remarkable achievements of those who have positively impacted our community.

  • Thank you for your support!

    The Enhancing Elgin Committee

  • The Enhancing Elgin Committee is a dynamic and passionate group of individuals dedicated to fostering positive growth and development in the city of Elgin. Comprised of community leaders, volunteers, and professionals from diverse backgrounds, the committee collaborates to create meaningful initiatives and projects that contribute to the betterment of the community. Enhancing Elgin is a committee of the Elgin Development Group, a division of the Elgin Area Chamber.