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    February 19, 2019

    Hi, My name is Carla Isenegger from Customer Service Solutions Inc. We are excited to have joined the Elgin Area Chamber! We are celebrating our 23rd year in business. Our business, Customer Service Solutions Inc. is a Soft Skills Training Solutions Company.

     Soft Skills are interpersonal (people) skills. The personal attributes social cues and communication abilities needed for success to get along with other social graces professionally and personally. We are focused on teaching others how to exceed their customers’   expectations.

    Our programs are custom designed for your business expectations. The programs range from 
    Customer Service TrainingImproving the Customer Experience to Social Intelligence.

    Social Intelligence is building successful relationships through the understanding of human behavior. The employees will learn to understand their own behavior and how to interact with the behavior of others. This is what Interpersonal Communication Skills is all about. We offer many other programs that are essential components to reach success for your business.  

    We build customized Policies and Procedures Employee Handbooks and develop Force and Skills Requirements for every employee’s tasks. Having this information is critical for every owner/ manager to know in order to hire, train and 
    promote within the organization. Without having specific Policies and Procedures in place is like trying to put a puzzle together without a picture of the puzzle on the box. 

    We also offer a General Safety Program that is specific to your industry. Our easy to use safety lesson plans will help keep your employees and business in compliance by conducting monthly trainings.


    In addition to the business programs, we also offer a Life Skills workshop for parents. This powerful workshop provides parents the knowledge, information and awareness on how they impact their children’s Psychological and Emotional Behavior during their formative years.

    The greatest asset a company has is its employees and sadly most companies do not budget soft skills training for their employees because they think it will cost too much.

    Soft Skills training does not cost, it pays through increased productivity and revenue. 
    We would love to meet with you and learn more about your business. Please contact us for a business needs assessment in which our staff can answer any questions related to improving your business processes. Thank you!
    Customer Service Solutions Inc.
    Carla Isenegger
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