• DCEO Northeast Region Weekly Update

    Northeast Region Weekly Update
    March 30, 2021
    This week, the SBA has released more information on their programs including announcing that the Shuttered Venue Operator Grant program will begin accepting applications on April 8, 2021.  With the passage and signing of the American Rescue Plan, additional programs and funding will be forthcoming to assist with the economic impact of this pandemic.  Please be patient while we and other agencies work through the implementation of this plan.   We will provide updates as we receive them through this newsletter and separate communications as needed.  If you want to receive updates from the Department, you can fill out this form and you’ll be added to our Department contact list.  I also encourage you to follow us on our social media channels for real time updates.  Just remember to continue to wear your mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands.  We are moving in the right direction! We’re All in Illinois.
    We continue to celebrate Women’s HERstory Month throughout March.  Led by the Offices of Minority Economic Empowerment (OMEE) and Regional Economic Development (RED), DCEO will celebrate women leaders from across the state, highlighting their enduring contributions to society and emergence as trailblazers during times of crisis.  See below for a list of all our events throughout the month and check out other events through the state as we celebrate women in history!
    I’ve also included an update from our Office of Community Development on both the Rebuild Illinois Capital Program and the Community Development Block Grant Programs.  The application deadline for the Broadband Expansion Capital Funding NOFO has been extended to April 12, 2021.  We also have numerous other program updates, so please read on! 
    Restore Illinois Plan
    All regions of the state are currently under Phase 4 guidelines.  This week, DCEO has updated numerous Phase 4 guidelines that are effective immediately.  As part of these updates, we have guidelines for activities such as social events, amusement parks, outdoor markets and festivals, meetings, conventions and trade shows, and overnight camping.  All the Phase 4 guidelines can be found on our website here.  We are working to update the FAQ document as well and will have that posted soon.
    Governor Pritzker’s announcement last week unveiled the Bridge to Phase 5 plan.  This plan will allow Illinois to move forward with a dial-like approach between the mitigations in Phase 4 and the post-pandemic new normal of Phase 5.  This Bridge to Phase 5 will allow for higher capacity limits and increased business operations.   Once 70% of residents 65 and older have been vaccinated and barring any reversals in our COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths for a 28-day monitoring period, the Bridge to Phase 5 will begin with increased capacity limits in both indoor and outdoor settings. Once 50% of residents 16 and older have been vaccinated and stable or declining COVID-19 metrics are recorded during a 28-day monitoring period, Phase 5 will be implemented, removing capacity limits altogether. All regions of the state will move through these next phases together based on statewide metrics.  More information on the Bridge to Phase 5 plan can be found here.
    If you have questions on the guidelines or how they apply to a situation, please reach out to us for guidance.  IDPH will continue to track the metrics by region to determine if mitigations can be relaxed, if additional mitigations are required, or if current mitigation should remain in place.  Follow the latest metrics at:  https://dph.illinois.gov/regionmetrics .
    Women’s HERstory Month 2021
    “Women Breaking Barriers in Illinois”
    EmpowHERed: How Women Trailblazers are Shattering the Glass Ceiling & Leading COVID-19 Recovery Efforts in Illinois
    Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 
    Time: 2:00 PM
    Click here to register

    Please join the Offices for Minority Economic Empowerment and Regional Economic Development for a webinar exploring how women economic leaders in Illinois are driving COVID-19 relief efforts and economic recovery with an equity lens. According to the Harvard Business Review, women are better leaders during a crisis.  One study found that outcomes related to Covid-19, including number of cases and deaths, were systematically better in countries led by women. Women trailblazers in philanthropy, business, and government will share their leadership stories on combating the global pandemic and offer insights around how Illinois can build back better. This session will leave business owners and leaders with tangible tactics and strategies around how to lead during a crisis, and lay the foundation for future economic growth, with an emphasis on gender equity.
    Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program
    The U.S. Small Business Administration, in consultation with the U.S. Treasury Department, has re-opened the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for new borrowers and certain existing PPP borrowers.  This round of the PPP will continue to be processed through participating financial institutions and will be available through March 31, 2021.  This round is open to both First Draw PPP Loans and a Second Draw PPP Loan.  In general, a First Draw PPP loan is for eligible borrowers who did not receive a PPP loan before the program closed in August 2020. A Second Draw PPP loan is for certain eligible borrowers that previously received a PPP loan and used the full amount of their First Draw PPP loan on authorized expenses, generally have 300 employees or less, and have suffered a 25% reduction in gross receipts. 
    SBA announced four additional changes to open the PPP to more underserved small businesses than ever before. While these changes are being implemented, SBA will work with community partners to improve the emergency relief “digital front door” and conduct extensive stakeholder outreach. And, SBA will strengthen its relationships with lender partners to advance equity goals, deliver funding efficiently, and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. SBA will:

    • Allow sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals to receive more financial support by revising the PPP’s funding formula for these categories of applicants;
    • Eliminate an exclusionary restriction on PPP access for small business owners with prior non-fraud felony convictions, consistent with a bipartisan congressional proposal; 
    • Eliminate PPP access restrictions on small business owners who have struggled to make student loan payments by eliminating student loan debt delinquency as a disqualifier to participating in the PPP; and
    • Ensure access for non-citizen small business owners who are lawful U.S. residents by clarifying that they may use Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to apply for the PPP.
    Small Business Administration Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program
    The Shuttered Venue Operators (SVO) Grant program was established by The Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Venues Act, signed into law on December 27, 2020.   The SBA has announced that they will begin to accept applications under this program on April 8, 2021.  The application portal will open in a tiered approach.  Please check the SBA website (link below) for more information. 
    Eligible applicants may qualify for SVO Grants equal to 45% of their gross earned revenue, with the maximum amount available for a single grant award of $10 million. $2 billion is reserved for eligible applications with up to 50 full-time employees.  Eligible entities include:
    • Live venue operators or promoters
    • Theatrical producers
    • Live performing arts organization operators
    • Relevant museum operators, zoos and aquariums who meet specific criteria
    • Motion picture theater operators
    • Talent representatives, and
    • Each business entity owned by an eligible entity that also meets the eligibility requirements
    This program is not yet open for applications. SBA has issued more guidance on this program in the past week.  Applicants can apply for PPP prior to applying to the SVOG program.  If they do receive a PPP loan after 12/27/20, they will have the SVOG reduced by the PPP loan amount.  To follow updates on this program, please click here to go to the SBA’s website.  Applicants must also have a valid SAM.gov registration to apply for this program.  Here’s a link to a video on how to apply:  SAM.gov Entity Registration Training - YouTube .
    Small Business Administration Program: Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL)
    This week SBA announced that for loans approved starting the week of April 6, 2021, the maximum loan amount will be increased to $500,000.  For loans approved prior to the week of April 6, 2021, please click here for information from SBA on loan increases.
    The SBA is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses and non-profit organizations that are suffering substantial economic injury as a result of COVID-19.  These loans may be used to pay debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact, and that are not already covered by a Paycheck Protection Program loan. The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses and 2.75% for non-profits. The first payment is deferred for one year.  Applicants must be physically located in the U.S. or designated territory and suffered working capital losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, not due to a downturn in the economy or other reasons.  Eligible applicants include the following:
    • Businesses with 500 or fewer employees or defined as small per SBA.gov/SizeStandards
    •  Cooperatives with 500 or fewer employees
    •  Agricultural enterprises with 500 or fewer employees
    •     Most private nonprofits
    •     Faith-based organizations
    •     Sole proprietorships and independent contractors
    The deadline to apply for this program has been extended to December 31, 2021.  The SBA has also extended deferment periods for all disaster loans including EIDL until 2022.  All SBA disaster loans made in calendar year 2020, including COVID-19 EIDL, will have a first payment due date extended from 12-months to 24-months from the date of the note.  All SBA disaster loans made in calendar year 2021, including COVID-19 EIDL, will have a first payment due date extended from 12-months to 18-months from the date of the note.  For more information and the application, please click here to go to the SBA’s website.
    DCEO Office of Community Development Updates
    Rebuild Illinois
    We have scheduled a Rebuild Illinois Grant Administrator’s Workshop on Tuesday, April 6th.  This event will be held virtually, and all recipients of the Fast Track and Shovel Ready grants must send the person(s) administering the grant.  Administration includes (but is not limited to) procurement, financial and programmatic reporting, compliance with state and federal requirements, assuring invoices match estimates and are properly calculated, and payments are completed promptly and documented. Registration information for this event will be sent to the contact listed in your grant application and is available on our website here.
    Community Development Block Grant
    We will hold a CDBG Grant Administrator’s Workshop virtually on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.  All administrators of awarded 2020 CDBG Housing and Public Infrastructure grants must attend.  To register for this workshop, go to our website here.
    HUD has announced our 2021 CDBG Allocation and we are happy to receive about $220,000 more this year.  We will be updating our Guidebooks over the next month and they will be available on our webpage asap.  However, we do not anticipate many changes over the 2020 Guidebooks.  The Application Workshop for Housing will be Tuesday, March 30th, and the PI Application Workshop will be April 12th.  All of these will be virtual with registration available on our website here.  The Application Deadline has been set for Tuesday, August 3rd for both Housing and Public Infrastructure.
    Upcoming Webinars
    Team RED will be hosting numerous program webinars over the next few weeks.  Please join us and learn about these programs.  While different team members from around the state are hosting the webinars, they are open to anyone to attend.  You can view the full list of upcoming events on our website here.
    Overview of WIOA Workforce Business Services
    Date and Time:  Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at 2pm
    Please join the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Office of Regional Economic Development for a webinar to learn more about Illinois Workforce Programs that can benefit both Employers and Employee's with items like hiring, training, Apprenticeship programs, and other Business Services.
    Registration Link:
    International Trade Finance
    Date and Time:  April 6, 2021: 10:00-11:00AM CST
    This webinar is designed for exporters who need to gain an understanding of International Trade Finance. The presentation will cover the full range of international payment alternatives, with an emphasis on the letter of credit and documentary collection while including the best practices for cash in advance and open account transactions.
    To register go to: http://bit.ly/3qPkOeQ
    Overview of DCEO Programs
    Date and Time:  Friday, April 9, 2021 at 10:00 am
    Please join the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Office of Regional Economic Development for a webinar as we give an overview of the agency and talk about the programs available to help businesses.
    Registration Link:
    Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA)
    Date and time: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 10:00 am
    Please join the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Office of Regional Economic Development for a webinar to learn more about the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Pre-Award Process.  The Department uses an accountability program to take a customer-centered approach to grants management and monitoring.  The agency, which administers and oversees nearly 10,000 grants each fiscal year, manages various economic, community and workforce development programs, services, and initiatives.  The Department of Commerce partners with businesses, local governments, nonprofit organizations, workers and families to enhance the state’s economy.
    Register Here: https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/onstage/g.php?MTID=ec3bc0cec19d2a9bdd838229d3bdc5758
    Advantage Illinois Loan Program for Small Businesses
    Date and time: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 6:00 PM
    Please join the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Office of Regional Economic Development for a webinar to learn more about the Advantage Illinois Loan Program.
    This program enhances capital for Illinois businesses, which is a top priority. By working with the state’s banking community and venture capitalists, DCEO will help entrepreneurs and small
    businesses start-up, expand, and create new jobs at a faster rate.
    Register Here: https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/onstage/g.php?MTID=e767f0deb7bba812e8b617783d556a955
    Export Finance: Getting Paid, Currencies and Insurance
    Date and Time: April 19, 2021, 12:00-1:00PM CST
    Exporting involves choices about currencies, risk and credit. Join our webinar that walks you through the pros and cons of different options with these topics.
    To register go to: http://bit.ly/2M7cWWQ
    CDBG Public Infrastructure and Housing Rehabilitation Program for Rural Communities
    Date and Time:  Monday, April 26, 2021 at 2:00 pm
    Please join the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Office of Regional Economic Development for a webinar to learn more about the Community Development Block Grant Public Infrastructure and Housing Rehabilitation programs.  These programs are grant opportunities that can assist with public infrastructure and housing rehabilitation needs within your community.  Learn more about these programs and how to apply for the grants.
    Register Here:
    Advantage Illinois: How local community banks can partner with the State of Illinois to help small business
    Date and time: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 10:00 am
    Enhancing access to capital for Illinois businesses is a top priority. The Brookings Institution has noted that more than 95% of new jobs are derived from business expansion or start up activity. Small businesses are the backbone of the Illinois economy, and the Advantage Illinois program is here to assist. In this webinar you will learn how the state's banking community can help entrepreneurs and small businesses start up, expand and create new jobs at a faster rate by partnering with the State of Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity through this participation loan program. Guest speakers include John D. Hill and Mark Schultz, Advantage Illinois Team for the Office of Business Development. Local community banks are encouraged to attend!
    Register Here:  
    CDBG Public Infrastructure, Housing Rehabilitation and Economic Development Program for Rural Communities
    Date and Time:  Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 2:00 pm
    Please join the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Office of Regional Economic Development for a webinar to learn more about the Community Development Block Grant Public Infrastructure, Housing Rehabilitation and Economic Development programs.  These programs are grant opportunities that can assist with public infrastructure and housing rehabilitation needs within your community.  Learn more about these programs and how to apply for the grants.
    Register Here:
    Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Overview
    Date and time: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 10:00 am
    Please join the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Office of Regional Economic Development for a webinar as we give an overview of the agency and talk about the programs available to help businesses.
    Register Here: https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/onstage/g.php?MTID=e55299f69ca8b1ebe6bc4dd01603b3fd2
    Ameren Energy Efficiency Programs
    Date and time:  Tuesday, May 11, 2021 10:00 am
    Please join DCEO and Krista Lent of Ameren for an energy efficiency program event. The Ameren Illinois Small Business Direct Install Initiative (SBDI) gives small businesses the opportunity to ensure they have the most energy-efficient lighting installed in their facility at very little out-of-pocket cost.
    Register Here:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/onstage/g.php?MTID=e9692b2c52bf3e0b4b24a5ad6fe1721db 
    Password:  Ildeo2021
    Upcoming SBA program webinars for Central and Southern Illinois
    Below are two events that the SBA is hosting a few times over the next couple of months.  Click on the links below for more information.
    Central & Southern Illinois: Marketing & Selling to the Federal Government
    https://marketingandsellingfedgov.eventbrite.com  Event dates:  4/7/21, and 5/5/21 from 9am – 11am
    About this Event
    Are you located in Central and Southern Illinois? Have you thought about having the federal government as one of your customers but unsure as to where to start?
    Come and join us to learn about SBA resources to help your small business successfully identify and compete for federal contract opportunities. We will cover information on the following certifications
    Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
    Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)
    Self-Certification for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
    Team RED Office hours
    DCEO’s Regional Economic Development Team is hosting weekly office hours on the days and times listed below.  These sessions are designed as open times that the Team is available.  The Team will provide you with the latest updates and answer any questions you may have on state or federal programs.  Feel free to drop in for any assistance you need.  If these times do not work for you, please reach out to your regional Team RED representative.  We’re always here to help.
    Mondays from 3pm – 4pm
    Meeting link:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?MTID=mdac63fc058a28665bc12f2db155d8e81
    Wednesdays from 1pm – 2pm
    Meeting link: https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?MTID=mab7683a4fd7c1b69c9aead26b0fce1ea
    Thursdays from 3pm – 4pm
    Meeting link:  https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?MTID=me64c9d6620b31db8645644cf588f956b
    Fridays from 10am – 11am
    Meeting link: https://illinois.webex.com/illinois/j.php?MTID=m097b6d22cef426d023f9d5375ba167b4
    DCEO Office of Minority Economic Empowerment
    The Office of Minority Economic Empowerment (OMEE) is committed to providing minority-, women-, persons with disabilities and veteran-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs across the state with equitable access to opportunities and resources. Through dynamic partnerships, targeted outreach, and tailored programs and initiatives, OMEE aims to create an inclusive business ecosystem for communities that have traditionally faced systemic barriers to entry and growth. This investment spurs local economic development in underserved areas resulting in a revitalized and thriving Illinois economy.  OMEE is gathering contact and business information for an internal database to support our businesses and stakeholders more effectively. Please click here to update your information with us. Feel free to reach us at ceo.omee@illinois.gov with any questions.  You can find more information about OMEE including programs they are hosting on their webpage here.
    Open DCEO Notice of Funding Opportunities
    Below is a list of open Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) currently with the Department.  Please use the links to go to additional information on our website.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions on these.
    • Connect Illinois Broadband Grant Program – Applications due 4/12/21.  For more information, click here
    Following DCEO
    If you have upcoming meetings or events and would like DCEO to participate, please reach out to me.  One of our goals is to ensure information about our programs and activities is getting out to the communities and we’re happy to participate.  We are now working on scheduling workshops for 2021, so please let us know if you are interested in partnering with us to provide program information to your organization and region.  If you want to receive updates from the Department, you can fill out this form and you’ll be added to our Department contact list.  I also encourage you to follow us on our social media channels for real time updates.
    Local CURE Support Program
    Local Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (Local CURE) Support Program:  DCEO is continuing to work with our communities across the state to submit their reimbursable expenses related to COVID-19.  It’s not too late to submit expenses.  The deadline to submit reimbursable costs has been extended to January 31, 2022.    DCEO has posted information on our website here.  The website also has some good Q&A documents that can help with determining if an expense is eligible for reimbursement.  Additional guidance has been released on Substantially Dedicated Payroll and Claiming the Costs of Implementing CDC Guidance for Public Employees and within Public Spaces or Facilities.  Check out these new documents and other guidance hereIf you have not been able to access the portal or have not received the access email, please send a message to our partner, Crowe, at LocalCURE@crowe.com and they will be able to assist you.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  You have other questions you can send them to LocalCURE@crowe.com and we will get back to you.  
    Other DCEO Programs
    Broadband Expansion Funding Opportunity
    Broadband Expansion Capital Funding
    The state is releasing $50 million in funding for the second round of matching grants through Connect Illinois, the state’s $420 million statewide broadband expansion plan. Eligible applicants include internet service providers, rural cooperatives, nonprofits and local governments. Up to $5 million per project will be available during the second round, and subsequent rounds will follow over the course of the next several years. The second round of Connect Illinois calls for a nonstate match component requiring companies to dedicate funding that will accelerate the delivery of broadband investments.  The application for the second round of funding largely mirrors requirements of the first application – including a 50 percent nonmatch in most cases. To ensure an equal playing field, the administration has instituted an exemption allowing a lower nonstate match for project proposals concerning economically distressed communities. This program change acknowledges the difficulty of connecting the hardest-to-serve areas of Illinois, and the compounding challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, allowing underserved communities to be competitive when applying for critical infrastructure dollars. In addition to providing universal access to basic broadband for homes, businesses, and community anchor institutions by 2024, the State’s broadband plan seeks to improve utilization of broadband for various uses in education, telehealth and economic development. All Connect Illinois projects must meet the minority business participation requirements of the State of Illinois' Business Enterprise Program.  Click here  for the NOFO.  Application deadline has been extended to April 12, 2021.  
    PC’s for People
    Through a first-of-its-kind collaboration by the State of Illinois, PCs for People and various community partners, Illinois has launched a statewide network that will receive, refurbish and redistribute used computers to those in need. This initiative responds to the 1.1 million Illinois households currently without computers and aims to bridge the digital divide for those without internet access to help improve connectivity essential for remote learning, work from home, telemedicine, and other requirements of everyday life. To source the network with newly refurbished computer devices, the State of Illinois is working with private and philanthropic partners to build a pipeline for Illinois households in need.  For more information, click here.
    If you are interested in donating equipment to this program, PCs for People will accept any and all used computer equipment, redistributing what it can refurbish and recycling what it cannot refurbish.  PCs for People is NAID AAA and R2 certified, requiring the non-for-profit to practice the highest standards of information destruction, hard drive sanitization, and environmental computer device recycling along with a zero-landfill policy. If your entity is undertaking a pc refresh or you know of an entity that is looking to undertake one and would be interested in donating to this program, please let me know and we’ll help make the connection to PC’s for People.
    Other News and Notes:
    USDA Rural Development - RBDG
    USDA Rural Development is inviting applications for grants under the Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG) Program for fiscal year (FY) 2021, subject to funding availability. This notice is issued to allow applicants sufficient time to leverage financing, prepare and submit their applications, and give the Agency time to process applications within FY 2021. Successful applications will be selected by the Agency for funding and subsequently awarded to the extent that allowance may ultimately be made available through appropriations. All applicants are responsible for any expenses incurred in developing their applications. Complete applications may be offered in paper or electronic format to the appropriate Rural Development State Office and must be received by 4:30 p.m. local time on March 31, 2021.
    USDA Rural Development – Community Facility Loans
    USDA Rural Development has the authority to guarantee or make direct loans to public bodies and not-for-profit corporations in rural areas to construct, enlarge or otherwise improve essential community facility projects which serve the public. Related costs such as land, architectural, legal, environmental analyses, interest during construction, equipment and machinery, and certain other costs are eligible. Applicants for direct loans must be unable to get credit elsewhere at reasonable rates and terms. Projects in rural areas and communities of not more than 20,000 in the population are eligible. The loan repayment period shall not exceed 40 years or the useful life of the facility.  Health care facilities, group homes, assisted living projects, rehab and counseling centers, fire and rescue buildings and vehicles, courthouses and city halls, and many other types of projects are eligible.  Eligible applicants for direct loans pay the lower interest rate in effect at the time of loan approval or loan closing.
    Interest Rates for April 1, 2021, TO June 30, 2021, are:
    Guaranteed loans are available to entities desiring to borrow from and make payments to their local lender. Interest rates are negotiated between the borrower and lender and may be fixed or variable. However, guaranteed loans cannot be issued on tax-exempt debt. Projects in Rural Areas and communities of not more than 50,000 in population are eligible for the guaranteed loan program.
    A limited amount of grant funds is available to assist eligible applicants in developing otherwise unaffordable projects. Projects in small, rural communities with low-income levels receive the highest priority for funding. Generally, grants are made in conjunction with loans. Grants for 100% of the project cost are not available.
    Income data, other information, and guidance on completion of an initial application can be obtained from the USDA Rural Development Area Offices in Ottawa, Princeton, Galesburg, Jacksonville, Champaign, Effingham, Mt. Vernon, Marion or the State Office www.usda.rd.gov/il
    Illinois Department of Transportation
    The Illinois Department of Transportation is hosting free virtual workshops in March as part of its Building Blocks of Success series for firms interested in participating in the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program strengthening their skills and bidding on state projects. The workshops are open to all, but some are tailored to specific districts/regions of the state.
    The workshop dates and topics are:
    • March 30: Quick Books Part 2, 10 a.m. to noon
    • March 31: Quick Books Part 3, 10 a.m. to noon
    Building Blocks of Success will be conducted through April. Workshop information, including dates and times, will be made available through Eventbrite at bit.ly/DBEworkshops. Advance registration is required.
    Questions can be directed to the DBE resource center at (312) 939-1100.

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