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    Rail Report
    Rail Report
    March 16, 2023
    Highlights from Today:
    The House was in Springfield for this week's third and final day of session. Floor action occurred throughout the afternoon with 21 bills passing out of the House and even more were moved to 3rd reading. There were a limited number of committee hearings held in the morning.
    The House and Senate will return next Tuesday, March 21st.
    Floor Action of Note:
    HB 1105, ICC Approval of Eminent Domain passed out of the House 111-0-0. This bill provides that property belonging to a public utility that provides water or sewer service and that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Illinois Commerce Commission may not be taken or damaged by eminent domain without prior approval of the Illinois Commerce Commission. Provides that the requirement does not apply to property to be acquired by a municipality with 140,000 or more inhabitants or a regional water commission formed under specified provisions of the Illinois Municipal Code or a municipality that is a member of such a regional water commission, only in furtherance of purposes authorized under the specified provisions of the Illinois Municipal Code, and limited solely to interests in real property and not improvements to or assets on the real property belonging to a public utility that provides water or sewer service and that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Illinois Commerce Commission.
    HB 1131, SW Development Authority passed the House 112-0-0. This bill Amends the Southwestern Illinois Development Authority Act. Adds Monroe County to the territory of the Southwestern Illinois Development Authority. Provides that the Chairman of the Authority shall be elected by the Board annually from the voting members (rather than elected from the members appointed by the county board chairmen). Allows the Authority to also enter into intergovernmental agreements with Bond, Clinton, and Monroe counties, in addition to other entities (currently, the only counties included are Madison and St. Clair counties).
    HB 2033, Local Government/Bonds passed out of the House 110-0-0. This bill provides that an ordinance levying a tax for the payment of principal of and interest on general obligation bonds or limited bonds may be filed electronically with the county clerk.
    HB 2079, Townships/Not-for-Profit Corporation passed the House 109-0-0. This bill provides that a township officer may hold a position on the board of a not-for-profit corporation that is interested in a contract, work, or business of the township if: (1) the township officer is appointed by the governing body of the township to represent the interests of the township on a not-for-profit corporation's board, then the township officer may actively vote on matters involving either that board or the township, so long as the membership on the not-for-profit board is not a paid position; or (2) the township officer is not appointed to the governing body of a not-for-profit corporation by the governing body of the township, then the township officer may continue to serve, however, the township officer shall abstain from voting on an proposition before the township governing body directly involving the not-for-profit corporation and, for those matters, shall not be counted as present for the purposes of quorum of the township governing body.
    HB 2088, INS Supplier Diversity passed the House 70-38-0. This bill amends the Illinois Insurance Code. Provides that every company authorized to do business in the State or accredited by the State with assets of at least $50,000,000 shall submit a report on its voluntary supplier diversity program, or the company's procurement program if there is no supplier diversity program, to the Department of Insurance. Provides that the voluntary supplier diversity report shall set forth specified information. Provides that each company is required to submit a report to the Department on or before April 1, 2024, and on or before April 1 every year thereafter. Provides that the Department shall publish the results of supplier diversity reports on its Internet website for 5 years after submission. Provides that the Department shall hold an annual insurance company supplier diversity workshop in July of 2024 and every July thereafter to discuss the reports with representatives of the companies and vendors. Provides that the Department shall prepare a one-page template for the voluntary supplier diversity reports. Provides that the Department may adopt rules necessary to implement the provisions.
    HB 2091, Driving Test passed out of the House 111-0-0. This bill provides that, upon completion of the required study of age-related issues, the Secretary of State may adopt administrative rules to raise (instead of raise or lower) the age requirement for actual demonstrations of an applicant's ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control of the operation of a motor vehicle. 
    HB 2231, Common Carrier passed the House 73-36-0. This bill amends the Transportation Network Providers Act. Deletes language: (i) providing that a Transportation Network Company is not deemed to own, control, operate, or manage the vehicles used by Transportation Network Company drivers, and is not a taxicab association or a for-hire vehicle owner; and (ii) providing that Transportation Network Companies or Transportation Network Company drivers are not common carriers, contract carriers or motor carriers, as defined by applicable State law, nor do they provide taxicab or for-hire vehicle service.
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