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    I have learned from experience that good health is a treasure.

    For many years into my adulthood, I suffered with panic attacks, anxiety and profound depression that crippled my life. Along with these symptoms, I developed horrible fatigue and weight gain and as the years went by my symptoms got worse. I felt terrible and wasn’t able to do the things I enjoyed. Sometimes I felt that life wasn’t worth living.

    My struggle caused me to see multiple doctors who would run lab tests, tell me everything was normal and offer medication to suppress my symptoms. Sometimes the medication would work for a while but my symptoms always came back and continued to worsen. This cycle continued for many years and I felt there was nothing I could do to change it. I felt hopeless.


    It was at this time I met a group of naturopathic doctors at a conference in Washington state and things began to shift if my life. They talked about finding the ROOT CAUSE of illness by using holistic approach and therapies that helped gently RESTORE function rather than replace it. This was just the kind of medicine I was looking for and that I desperately needed.

    I was so enthusiastic about natural medicine that I decided to make a career change and attend naturopathic medical school. Over the course of my studies, I learned my symptoms were the result of chronic stress combined with a history of trauma, a nutrient deficient diet, a lack of sleep along with many other factors. I began to regain my health by correcting the underlying imbalances.


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