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    For over four decades our bank has provided community banking services that have created many remarkable achievements for our customers. Building local relationships has strengthened our bank, and we have grown and continue to proudly serve families and businesses by helping them achieve their dreams and build better futures. We remain focused on doing the same for many generations to come. We take tremendous pride in reinvesting in the communities we serve. Our commitment to create value-added banking, lend within our communities, deploy our team in various volunteer capacities, and give back to numerous charitable causes is part of our organizational fiber. Our long-standing commitment to creating an exceptional experience for our customer where they can come to expect individualized and customer-driven service is an inherent part of our mission. We are focused on ensuring that our products exceed our customers' expectations, and that means being mindful of how rapidly banking is changing. As a result, we have invested and will continue to invest in superior technology that creates a holistic digital banking experience that is user-friendly, mobile-centric and affords our customer the most modern banking conveniences.

    We love it when our customers visit our branches. There is nothing more powerful than the in-person experience. We are committed to ensuring our customers have the best in-person and digital banking experience. We understand a one-size-fits-all approach would be a mistake because our customers' needs are constantly evolving. Our overarching focus on securin


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