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    At GWC Injury Lawyers, We Work For You.

    That’s more than just a slogan. It’s the mindset that guides everything we do. After all, it is our clients who have enabled GWC to become one of the leading personal injury and workers’ compensation law firms in Illinois. Our success is the result of thousands of satisfied clients recommending us to friends, family, and fellow union members for more than forty years. Simply put, our clients are the lifeblood of our practice. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.

    As a well-established, highly successful law firm, we are proud to hold a rare distinction among the many Illinois lawyers who handle personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Smaller firms may have trouble devoting sufficient time or other resources to your case, which could lead to you getting less compensation for your injury than you truly deserve. At GWC, we can afford to devote the necessary time, money, and resources to each and every one of our clients. We can – and we will – do whatever is necessary to get you the maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time.

    While most law firms handle multiple cases at a time, you have only one case – your own. It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that it does not get “placed on the back burner,” and you can rest assured that this will never happen at GWC. We have more than twenty lawyers working at our firm, so we are always available for you, and we strive to give our clients 100% satisfaction with the services we provide.


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