• Galvin & Associates, Inc.



    About Us

    We provide organizational consulting and strategic facilitation for a wide variety of businesses and nonprofit institutions.

    How we work
    We work closely with you to design a customized experience to meet your goals for organizational change and meaningful results. Our focus is on developing a clear plan for moving the organization forward. With most clients, we?
    Analyze the organizational challenges
    Clarify the goals to be achieved
    Design the strategy formation experience
    Prepare the selected participants
    Set ground rules for productive conversation
    Facilitate a retreat or series of team meetings
    Formulate a clear action plan for moving forward
    Establish a tracking system for accountability
    Provide coaching for effective execution
    In short, we help people connect, communicate, think together, plan, and do.

    What we do
    Specific services we offer include?
    Strategic planning
    Scenario planning
    Succession planning
    Management team effectiveness
    Board governance effectiveness
    Organizational effectiveness
    Leadership development
    Strategy formation
    Strategy mapping
    Strategic reviews

    How you benefit
    Every organization presents unique challenges for leaders. Use us when you want assistance?
    Releasing potential
    Exploiting opportunities
    Improving effectiveness
    Building capacity
    Recalibrating direction
    Achieving breakthroughs
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  • Elgin Development Group
    A Division of the Elgin Area Chamber

    31 S. Grove Avenue, Elgin IL 60120