• Bright Panel Solar Panel Cleaning

    Bright Panel Solar Panel Cleaning


    Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

    About Us

    Solar Panel maintenance is often overlooked which can end up costing you money.

    We provide in-depth cleaning services for solar panels. We also handle consulting and preventative maintenance. We will protect your solar panels from birds, weather, insects, rodents, and more! Our team consists of highly trained and experienced solar panel professionals. We know the proper way to clean and maintain your panels.

    Basic Panel Cleaning
    The Midwest can experience up to four seasons in one day, which will accumulate unwanted debris and dirt. This buildup will reduce the amount of solar absorption. It is important to clean your solar panels to ensure efficiency.

    Solar Panel Physical Health Checks
    We can perform a physical health check of solar panels to ensure they are operating correctly.

    Critter Guard Installation
    Prevent pests and rodents from damaging your solar investment.

    Snow and Ice Removal


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