• Slitter Operator

    Combined Metals is a premier North American processor and distributor of specialty strip and wire built through 50 years of growth and acquisition. Combined Metals is the largest independent processor and distributor of specialty strip and wire in North America. With nine service centers, Combined Metals supports over 3,000 customers in the Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear, Medical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Electrification, Automotive, and Consumer industries. Decades of quality and reliability have made Combined Metals™ a chosen source in performance applications.

    Job Details:

    • Responsible at all times for promoting a safety culture and awareness within their area. Support and adhere to all plant safety policies and procedures at all times.
    • Check work order to properly select processed material checking for weight, alloy, size, and quality.
    • Set up and adjust slitter knives and stripper rings.
    • Inspect material during processing to ensure proper quality is maintained.
    • Prepare metal coils by trimming coils to fit widths specified by customers. Operator conducts final check of coil specifications.
    • Consistently slit strands that are free of burrs, scratches, coil set and are within camber specifications.
    • Properly identify all slit material and complete all documentation.
    • Repair minor mechanical problems.
    • Operate all slitters consistently while meeting all requirements.
    • Assist manufacturing with preparing and inspecting bulk product. Reporting and removing defects as needed (i.e. deformed, discolored, misshaped, etc.)
    • Proper communication protocol with all manufacturing, quality and other operations staff to discuss and escalate product or equipment issues as needed.
    • Properly identify all edged material by alloy, size, melt, weight, edge, and complete all documentation.
    • Properly identify all material by alloy, size, melt, weight, and location on coil for return to stock material or next operation.
    • Group completed coils together by work order in designated work area.
    • Equipment operation to include, but not limited to: heavy machinery, forklift, and overhead crane, along with general tools such as wrenches, tape measure, and hammers.
    • Participate in training and certification programs as needed.
    • Maintain a safe and orderly work environment by removing scrap and other waste, checking machines, and identifying potential hazards.
    • Train new operators, if necessary.
    • Properly use micrometer, caliper, and cutters.
    • Cut samples for quality control.
    • Assist supervisor/manager and other operators as needed

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