Under general supervision, performs duties in the operation and maintenance of boilers, chillers, pumps, and peripheral building heating and cooling system equipment; performs general maintenance and repair of building systems, equipment, and fixtures and assists where work involves more advanced skills. The primary focus of this position will be preventive maintenance of equipment.

    Can you say you do any of these in your current role:

    • Maintains air conditioning units, air handlers, and related cooling equipment; oils bearings, changes filters and belts; cleans and drains coils, greases motors, cleans spray nozzles, etc.
    • Tests boiler and chiller water for PH, dissolved oxygen, dissolved solids, etc.; cleans precision pump probe as needed and adds purifying or water softening chemicals as required; records water test results.
    • Cleans condenser and evaporator coils and inspects equipment for damage and proper operation.
    • Operates boilers, chillers, and pumps; monitors gauges and the operation of equipment; logs gauge readings.
    • Maintains condensate and sump pumps; inspects for proper operation, greases and checks couplings.
    • Promptly reports breakdowns beyond the scope of capabilities to supervisor.
    • Performs inspections and testing of fire extinguishers, emergency lights, eyewash stations and other safety equipment.
    • Performs basic lighting repairs including lamp and ballast replacement.
    • Performs basic plumbing repairs including drain cleaning, sink repairs, shower repairs, toilet and flush valve repairs.
    • Helps develop preventive maintenance schedules for all types of equipment.
    • Assists with department projects.
    • Performs other duties as required or assigned.
    • Requires study in air conditioning and heating systems or some experience in an HVAC related field.
    • Requires knowledge of boiler and air conditioning system operation and maintenance.
    • Requires knowledge of the principles and practices of electricity and electrical systems.
    • Requires knowledge of the materials, tools, and procedures used in general maintenance and repair.
    • Requires a valid drivers license
    • Requires ability to prepare requisite records and logs of equipment function and work activities.
    • Requires ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
    • Requires ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, and fellow workers, other City employees, and the general public.


    High School diploma or GED: knowledge, skill and mental development equivalent to the completion of four years of high school with course work in shop, the trades, or related area.

    BY THE WAY: There will be a 58 question, multiple choice exam held about two weeks after this job closes. Apply on the website at www.cityofelgin.org/jobs and you'll be notified of the details soon. 

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