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    "In 1835, James T. and Hezekiah Gifford, along with Samuel Jewett Kimball, settled a city that they would name "Elgin" in the state of Illinois, 38 miles west of Chicago. Situated on the Fox River, Elgin is directly between the lead mines of Galena and Chicago. Gifford, being a devoutly religious man, named his new city after a Scottish psalm. "I had been a great admirer of that tune from boyhood", he once stated, "and the name Elgin had ever fallen upon my ear with musical effects". Over the next 165 years, Elgin would be music to the ears of a great many people and industries, including one of the largest watchmaking factories in the world, the largest producers of dairy products in the Midwest, including the home of The Borden Milk Company, as well as the manufacturing of cars, shoes, bicycles and religious printed material." – Author James McDunn