• Business Registration

    Registering a Business Name When the business name is different from the owner's full legal name, the "Assumed Name Act" requires you to register the business name with your county clerk's office, regardless to the structure

    Kane County Clerk Filing an Assumed Name Certificate

    Cook County Assumed Business Name Registration


    Business Tax Registration

    Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information such as a checklist for a new business and selecting a business structure. Learn about operating a business with employees, deductions and credits, recordkeeping and accounting methods. Additional resources include the Small Business Tax Calendar, Tax Topics for Businesses, and Frequently Asked Questions. 

    IRS Forms Distribution Center, Forms Distribution Center, PO Box 8902, Bloomington, Illinois 61702-8902, 1-800-829-3676, TDD: 1-800-829-4059

    Illinois Department Of Revenue (IDOR) In Illinois, most businesses are required to be registered and/or licensed by the IDOR. If you plan to hire employees, buy or sell products wholesale or retail, or manufacture goods, you must register with the IDOR. To obtain information contact: Central Registration Division, PO Box 19030, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9030, 1-800-732-8866, TDD: 1-800-544-5304

    Certain professions must register with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

    Local Tax Registration and Requirements

    Some municipalities and counties impose their own taxes in addition to the state and federal taxes that most businesses are responsible for. Elgin does not require local tax registration but does require Business Licenses. New businesses should contact their local revenue department to determine if additional taxes apply to their business activities. Many communities restrict advertising, regulate pricing or require zoning permits. 

    Elgin Development Group Contact for restrictions on advertising, regulate pricing or require zoning permits and more.

    City of Elgin Business Licenses


    Elgin General Building Permit

    Are you looking to build a new facility? Are you purchasing or leasing an existing space? Will renovations or updates be required in the existing space? If so, a Building Permit from the City of Elgin may be required. A few examples of what may require a permit (contact the City of Elgin http://www.cityofelgin.org for a full list) include:

    • Demolition of load bearing walls
    • Modifications to the building structure (floors, walls, stairs, roof, foundation,etc.)
    • Major modifications to sewer/plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, and electrical systems.

    A permit will likely NOT be required (again, contact the City of Elgin http://www.cityofelgin.org for a full list) for:

    • New floor finishes (wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, etc.)
    • Interior or exterior painting
    • Replacing doors or windows
    • Replacing plumbing or electrical fixtures (without plumbing line or electrical wiring modifications)

    Other questions to consider:

    • How much building space will you need to run your business?
    • Will you need to hire a licensed architect/engineer?
    • Will you need a licensed General Contractor?

    Confirm with the City of Elgin that the location of your business meets all required zoning ordinances (http://www.cityofelgin.org).


    Apply for your City of Elgin Business License

    In the City of Elgin, all persons who conduct, engage in, maintain, operate, carry on or manage a business, either through such person or through an agent, employee or partner, must obtain by February 1 of each year a business license for that business.

    A separate license shall be required for each separate place of business. The requirement of a business license shall be in addition to any other licenses and fees required by law.

    Other Licenses

    If your business engages in an activity that requires a specific business license from the city, such as (the annual fee for that particular license remains in effect):

    City of Elgin License Questions

    For any questions regarding the business occupancy and license applications or the process outlined above, please contact 311 at 847-931-6001 or email 311.


    State of Illinois Registration, Licenses & Permits

    The State of Illinois requires special Licenses and Permits in order to protect the public’s health and safety. Visit https://www2.illinois.gov/business/registration-licenses-permits to identify specific licenses or permits required by the State of Illinois.

    Will your business involve any activities that are supervised and regulated by a Federal Agency (Alcohol, Firearms, etc.)? If so, you may need to obtain certain Federal Licenses or Permits. To identify Federal licenses and permits visit https://www.sba.gov/business-guide/launch-your-business/apply-licenses-permits


    Licenses and Permits Required by Law

    The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation Licenses And Permits Required By Law The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is the main licensing agency for the State of Illinois for most professions. Individuals must be licensed prior to conducting business as one of the listed professions.

    IDPR's Occupational Listing

    To determine if your occupational activities are regulated contact the IEN Business Information Center at ienconnect@mailmw.custhelp.com

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